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Zoning Board of Commissions 

Jerry Hodge, Vice Chairperson

Cass Birchbauer, Chair/Secretary

Rick Shumaker


Zoning Inspector

Zoning Board of Appeals

Tom Razzano, Vice Chairperson

David Spieker, Secretary

Tammy Ireland 


Zoning Minutes 

can be found on the Minutes Page.

Zoning Permit Application
  • Variance Application

  • Complaint Form

  • Conditional Use Application

  • Sign Permit Application


The zoning materials on this website are informational purposes only and are subject to change and amendment.   If you are planning a project, please discuss it with the Zoning Inspector or at a Trustee meeting, and remember that permits are required before construction may begin.


  • Sullivan Township Zoning Resolution (being scanned /will be published)
  • Ohio Revised Code
  • Check with the Zoning Inspector if in doubt for specific situations

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